A Breakthrough in Underwater Experience: Thomson Waterproof Camera

Thomson Waterproof Camera BlackWanting to get the most out of your ordinary pictures especially underwater? Thomson Waterproof Camera will simply be your camera of choice to capture amazing pictures, store fun video memories and just all the good stuff there is to explore in this fantastic camera. It is a simple yet solidly built camera that lets you enjoy the underwater beauty of nature for at most 3 meters deep, without compromising picture quality and camera durability. The 5 megapixels lens COMS Sensor partnered with an eight times digital zoom that gives you a better shot of your subjects, in and out of the water.

The Thomson Waterproof Camera also acts as a camcorder that records a copy of the happy moments in video, even under the sea. This compact camera comes with an easy grip feature helps you capture great smiles with define ease and precision. Be able to share and watch pictures and videos after you take them with its 2.4inch TFT LCD screen perfect for optimum viewing.

We all know that pictures come and go, and if not properly protected and stored, this could vanish into thin air. With Thomson Waterproof Camera , the external expandable memory card slot gives you more control over the camera while allowing you to shoot pictures and record videos for as long as your memory card can handle. Though many will say this is pretty much a simple camera, but looking at its features and specs make it a unique underwater camera.

Thomson Waterproof Camera provides a great edge among other underwater cameras with its simplicity yet compact design. Get to enjoy vibrant and vivid still life pictures and animated videos of yourself and your loved whether you are at land or at sea.

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